VG Innovations, LLC today announced that the United States Patent Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 8,162,981, entitled Method and Apparatus for Spinal Facet Fusion

St. Petersburg, FL May 01, 2012

VG Innovations, LLC today announced that the United States Patent Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 8,162,981, entitled Method and Apparatus for Spinal Facet Fusion. This patent includes key claims that provide patent protection on the Company’s unique facet fusion implant, VerteLoc™.

The present invention provides a novel method and apparatus for effecting spinal facet fusion. The VerteLoc™ Spine Stabilization System’s precise surgical instruments prepare the facet joint’s articular surfaces for insertion of the unique dual geometric implant comprised of human allograft. The body of the implant, which is rectangular in shape, limits motion in flexion/extension, while the dual vertical stabilizers rest between the facet joint surfaces, and serve to limit motion in both torsion and lateral bending. This patent significantly strengthens VG Innovations’ portfolio, placing the Company in the forefront of spinal stabilization technologies intended to significantly reduce surgery times, hospital duration and overall patient pain.

Tov Vestgaarden, Ph.D., President and Chief Technical Officer of VG Innovations, LLC (VGI) commented “The issuance of this patent will allow VGI to further invest in advanced spinal care technology through dedicated research and development. At VGI’s Spine Biomechanics laboratory, we are in the process of completing two more products that utilize this patented technology. VGI is dedicated to the advancement of spinal care through new innovations and advanced patented technologies, and we continue to work closely with surgeons to ensure the best technology for patients is developed and utilized.”

VerteLoc™ was the first product developed by VGI in 2008 to overcome the limitations of currently available implants for spinal posterior element stabilization. The implant design allows for earlier intervention in the continuum of spine care. This ‘vertebral lock’ allows the joint to heal through the natural process of fusion.

VGI’s Research and Development team has advanced the design and functionality of VerteLoc™ through two generations, v2.0 and v2.5, addressing both surgeon’s and patient’s needs. Further, the novel dual geometric shape of the VerteLoc™ implant can be used for other stabilization needs. The advanced design and innovative upgrades of VerteLoc™ illustrate the Company’s commitment to product development and new advanced spinal fusion technologies.

Company Profile: VG Innovations, LLC, a privately held company was formed in late 2007. The company is in the business of developing and commercializing proprietary, implantable devices with a specific focus on minimally invasive surgical products that could provide better surgical solutions over present technology. Superior designed products to treat specific spinal disease indications that affect millions of people. More information on the company and its products can be found at:

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