Jul 16, 2008

VG Innovations, LLC (VGI), launches revolutionary new minimally invasive spine stabilization system called VerteLoc™. First successful surgery completed on May 27, 2008.


Winston-Salem, NC: July 16, 2008: VG Innovations, LLC (VGI), announced today that it has launched its’ revolutionary new minimally invasive spine stabilization system called VerteLoc™. VerteLoc™ is designed to address minor spinal instabilities by effectively stabilizing the spinal facets, which are multi-directional joints of the spinal column.

“Our goal was to design a complete system that was minimally invasive and effective in stabilization,” stated VGI’s President and CEO, Dan Grayson. “We believe the procedure could make a significant difference in the way surgeons address minor spinal instabilities caused by various indications. Our unique patent pending allograft implant design, which combines two unique geometric shapes, and innovative directional instrumentation have been designed to allow our surgeon users to replicate the VerteLoc™ procedure regarding a variety surgical approaches,” Grayson added.

The first surgery, using the VerteLoc™ system, was performed on May 27, 2008. VGI already has an established distributor network in major metropolitan areas of the United States and expects to build upon that network rapidly.

The VerteLoc™ Minimally Invasive Spine Stabilization System is designed to allow earlier intervention in the continuum of spinal care. The procedure should prolong or prevent more invasive spine procedures in indicated patients, which would provide significant benefits to the quality of life versus traditional methods of spinal fusion.

Company Profile

VG Innovations, LLC, is a privately held company and was formed in late 2007. The company is in the business of developing and commercializing proprietary, implantable devices with a specific focus on minimally invasive surgical products that could provide better surgical solutions over present technology. The products are designed to treat specific spinal disease indications that affect millions of people. More information on the company and its products can be found at: