VG Innovations, LLC Announces The Appointment of Moni Stein, M.D to its Scientific Advisory Board

Sep 22, 2008

VG Innovations, LLC (VGI), announces that the pioneer of percutaneous spinal facet fusion procedures has been appointed to its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Moni Stein’s research won the Young Investigator Award in 1993.

Winston Salem, NC (PRWEB) September 22, 2008 — Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) September 22, 2008 — VG Innovations, LLC (VGI), announced today that the pioneer of a unique percutaneous spinal facet fusion procedure has been appointed to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Moni Stein, M.D., pioneered a unique surgical approach to spinal facet fusion in 1993. His innovative research, entitled, Percutaneous Facet Fusion: Preliminary Experience, won the prestigious Society of Interventional Radiology’s Young Investigator Award.

“Facet joints are an important contributor to the complex entity of degenerative spine disease and deserves special attention with specific treatment options,” stated Dr. Stein. “The concept of facet fusion was initiated approximately 15 years ago and VGI has taken the concept to a new level with direct application to humans suffering of facet related back pain. This represents a new treatment path which is designed to address facetrelated back pain. This modality may be applied surgically in conjunction with other back surgery or as an independent procedure done percutaneously”, continued Dr. Stein. “It is very exciting to join an innovative company that addresses an important medical entity in a unique, minimally invasive way.”

“His comprehension of the facet joints, as a pain generator, will be helpful in assisting other surgeons to understand the importance of earlier intervention in the continuum of spinal care,” stated VGI President and CEO, Dan Grayson. “Several companies have noted Dr. Stein’s prior art in their patent applications, but Dr. Stein chose VGI because we have successfully elevated his original concept to an entirely new level. I think the spine community will be quite amazed with the technology that is forthcoming from VGI.”

Dr. Stein is already in the planning stages to utilize the early successful outcome results of the VerteLoc procedure as a follow-up to his research and prior art. An article written by Dr. Stein, entitled Facet Fusion – The Shape of Things to Come, appears in the September / October edition of Orthopedic Product News.

The VerteLoc™ Minimally Invasive Spine Stabilization System is designed to allow earlier intervention in the continuum of spinal care. The procedure should prolong or prevent more invasive spine procedures in indicated patients, which would provide significant benefits to the quality of life versus traditional methods of spinal fusion.

Company Profile: VG Innovations, LLC, (VGI), is a privately held company and was formed in late 2007. The company is in the business of developing and commercializing proprietary, implantable devices with a specific focus on minimally invasive surgical products that could provide better surgical solutions over present technology. The products are designed to treat specific spinal disease indications that affect millions of people. More information on the company and its products can be found at: