VG Innovations, LLC Announced Today, the Launch of VerteLoc™ v2.0 Spine Stabilization System

Aug 25, 2011

VG Innovations, LLC announced today, the launch of VerteLoc™ v2.0 Spine Stabilization System. VGI’s superior engineering and testing has allowed them to refine the original VerteLoc™ design rationale, along with streamlining their surgical DISMISS instruments.

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) August 25, 2011

VG Innovations, LLC launched the new VerteLoc™ v2.0. Tov Vestgaarden, Ph.D., refined their implant and instrumentation design with advanced engineering software, rapid 3-D model prototyping and in-house testing to perfect proof of concept. “Our design team is concentrating on achieving our next milestone in implant and instrument design.” Tov Vestgaarden, Ph.D. “We are reducing our present development time, from concept to market, by using advance computer technology and testing equipment.” Tov Vestgaarden Ph.D. founded VGI Innovations in late 2007. This innovative medical device company is focusing on using its industry knowledge & creative thinking to develop and commercialize a broad range of advanced, high-performance, and less invasive spinal implants.

VerteLoc™ was the first product developed by VG Innovations to overcome the limitations of currently available implants for spinal posterior element stabilization. The VerteLoc™ implant design allows for earlier intervention in the continuum of spine care. This procedure should prolong or prevent more invasive spine procedures in indicated patients, which would provide significant quality of life benefits versus traditional methods of spinal fusion. Today, patients are focused on surgical options that will afford a better quality of life, allowing them to return to their normal activities sooner. “Recent feedback from the field supports that the VerteLoc™ Spine Stabilization System is providing viable options for early intervention,” Vestgaarden stated.

VerteLoc™ v2.0 Spine Stabilization System, designed specifically to address low back pain caused by facet osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. VerteLoc™ v2.0 Spine Stabilization System precise surgical instruments prepare the facet joint’s articular surfaces for insertion of the unique dual geometric implant comprised of human allograft. The body of the implant, which is rectangular in shape, limits motion in flexion/extension, while the dual vertical stabilizers rest between the facet joint surfaces, and serve to limit motion in both torsion and lateral bending. This ‘vertebral lock’ allows the joint to heal through the natural process of fusion.

VG Innovations, LLC will be unveiling the new VerteLoc™ v.2.0, at the upcoming North American Spine Society (NASS) Convention in Chicago, IL on November 2-5th, 2011. Attend one of the DISMISS instrument workshops and preview upcoming product launches at booth #2438.

Company Profile: VG Innovations, LLC, a privately held company was formed in late 2007. The company is in the business of developing and commercializing proprietary, implantable devices with a specific focus on minimally invasive surgical products that could provide better surgical solutions over present technology. Superior designed products to treat specific spinal disease indications that affect millions of people. More information on the company and its products can be found at: