VG Innovations, LLC Announced Today, the Launch of SiJoin, Posterior Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System

St. Petersburg, Florida April 29, 2013

VG Innovations, LLC announced today, the launch of SiJoin. VGI’s superior engineering and testing has allowed them to design an allograft implant for use in alleviating sacroiliac joint pain and create a simplified process for the surgeon.

VG Innovations, LLC launched the new SiJoin, Posterior Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System. This innovative medical device company was founded in late 2007 and is focused on using its industry knowledge and creative thinking to develop and commercialize a broad range of advanced, high-performance and less invasive spinal implants. Tov Vestgaarden, Ph.D., affirmed “this is the beginning of a series of products being launched” in the next year.

The SiJoin fusion implant is a dual geometric, precision CNC milled, cortical allograft designed to be posteriorly implanted within the plane of the SI joint, simultaneously positioned within the sacrum and ilium for true SI joint fusion.

The SiJoin system utilizes a less destructive posterior approach in which three small, equally spaced incisions may be utilized to access the SI joint. The implant is positioned within the sacrum and ilium, through the respective cortical wall, for true SI joint fusion. Specialized SiJoin directional instrumentation deploys the implant into the plane of the SI joint. Benefits for the surgeon include few incisions and specialized instruments requiring less operating room time and faster patient recovery. The benefit to the patient is less surgical trauma and less pain.

Mitch Hollifield stated, “There is a high level of interest among spine surgeons for new technologies, especially for those with simplified current approaches to the traditional Sacro-Iliac fusion procedure”.
VG Innovations, LLC will be launching the new SiJoin at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Convention in New Orleans, LA on April 29 – May 1, 2013. Visit Booth #1041 to preview this new product.