VGI Medical Announces 1st Implantation of the VerteLP® Lateral Lumbar Cage with Bi-Cortical Fixation


First lateral lumbar cage with patent pending integrated plating featuring bi-cortical fixation implanted in the U.S.

VGI Medical, a privately held medical device company offering innovative spinal implants, announces that it has successfully implanted the 1st patent pending VerteLP Lateral Lumber Cage.VerteLP represents the latest of lateral lumbar fusion, featuring enhanced bi-cortical plating technology to facilitate simplified cage insertion, and integrated fixationall through a direct, minimally invasive approach.

Dr. David Greenwald, M.D., F.A.C.S., of Flagler Hospital in St.Augustine, Florida, implanted the first VerteLP lateral lumbar cage and shares the company’s enthusiasm about the product, “VGI’s VerteLP lateral cage is a significant advance for surgery in the direct lateral transpsoas or prepsoas corridor , as it provides bilateral paravertebral compressive stabilization with minimal intraoperative manipulation.
It’s advanced design features maked eployment safer than existing integrated fixation lateral cages with superior final construct strength.

“Scott Ely, R&D Manager of VGIMedical, comments,” The 1st successful implantation of VerteLP represents a great milestone for the company. This, coupled with the successful navigation of the regulatory pathway, places us in a position to further implement the technology in other areas of the spine and expand our product portfolio.

“VGIMedical, LLC was founded in 2007 by Tov Vestgaarden, Ph.D in St. Petersburg, FL. VGI Medical, LLC has experienced rapid growth through portfolio expansion in innovative markets. VGI Medical develops unique spine devices and instrumentation designed to support good clinical outcomes while making procedures easier to perform.” More information is located at