VGI Medical Surpasses 5,000 SiJoin Implants Used Throughout the United States.

Largo, FL – VGI Medical is dedicated to creating the next generation of spinal implants and procedures to improve the quality of life for its patients. One of the disruptive technologies, SiJoin, that has been developed by VGI Medical has achieved a significant milestone of over 5,000 implants used in more than 1,750 surgical procedures throughout the United States.

The sacroiliac (SI) joint is well documented as a potential source for lower back pain (LBP) and it is estimated that SI joint pain affects 15-25% of patients suffering from LBP. A number of publications have found that SI joint degeneration is present in patients who had previously undergone lumbar fusion surgery and pregnancy related pelvic instability is a common and disabling problem.


  • Tried and True Fusion – The SiJoin procedure utilizes a tried and true method for achieving joint fusion by preparing the joint (decortication), stabilizing the joint via cortical allograft implants, and using bone graft material to enhance  fusion across the joint
  • Less risk – Compared to lateral based SI joint methods, the SiJoin procedure minimizes the risk of the neural complications due to the direct posterior approach
  • Flexibility – The surgeon can choose to use a minimally invasive surgery (MIS), mini-open, or an open approach all while allowing for direct visualization of the SI joint
  • Biomechanics – Biomechanical stabilization of SiJoin is equivalent to lateral rod systems by taking advantage of the “lever arm” concept
  • Revision – Due to its unique design and approach, SiJoin can be used to revise other SI joint fusion procedures
  • Economic advantages – Due to the straight forward and lean business model employed by VGI Medical, SiJoin offers significant advantages to the facility (Acute, Outpatient and ASC) compared to the competition.

VGI Medical was founded in 2007 based on an invention developed by Tov Vestgaarden, PhD. It has become a leader in bringing innovation to the market including VerteLoc, CerLoc, SiJoin and VerteLP. The VerteLoc and CerLoc systems are specifically designed to stabilize and fuse the facet joint by utilizing a unique patented dual geometric design to limit motion of the affected spinal segment. Applying the principles of this success, VGI Medical added SiJoin for Sacroiliac Fusion. VerteLP is one of the latest innovations offering an improved implant for lateral procedures featuring its proprietary Talon Technology.

“ While it is exciting to achieve the 5,000 implant milestone, of greater importance is the number of successful patient outcomes we have seen with SiJoin. It is especially rewarding to see the satisfaction of our surgeon customers and their patients after a successful SiJoin procedure. This milestone demonstrates that SiJoin is the ideal solution for both primary and revision SI cases.” said Tov Vestgaarden, founder and CEO of VGI Medical.